Advantages of Solar Power

Solar power may be the power of the future. Unfortunately, many people think there are not enough advantages to make promotion of solar power reasonably feasible. This article will review some of the adv of solar power in modern times.

Adv of Solar Power

Solar power is essentially a renewable source of energy. The sun rises in the morning, every day of the year, in most parts of the world. Scientists calculate and predict that the sun will continue to shine favorably on earth for another 6 billion years.

Solar power is reliable, for the same reasons mentioned above. New advances in placement of solar panels even allow power to be generated from solar energy on cloudy overcast days.

There is very little maintenance required for operation of a solar power system. There are no visible moving parts which eliminates repair of worn out parts. In areas where there is rainfall a solar panel is even self-cleaning. Current solar panel technology provides panels that are guaranteed for as long as twenty-five years.

The operation of solar panels does not harm the environment in any way. No harmful discharges or polluting by-products result from the operation of solar panels. Solar panels do generate heat that can be used for heating water or allowed to dissipate into the air. Most solar panels are used with inverters, or regulators to generate electricity.

Solar energy is the ultimate resource as far as abundance is concerned. One year of solar energy is equal to all the power that will ever be produced from all of the hydrocarbon and nuclear resources.

Every year there are additional advancements in the production of solar panels that allow them to be made less expensively. The recent discovery by MIT students of a unique way to install smaller solar panels may be the adv of solar power the industry has been waiting for.

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